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Disclosure: This blog post may contain some affiliate links. This means I can earn some commission if you decide to purchase anything through my links at no additional cost you.

Tools and Resources

Welcome to our tools and resources for Smart-Noodle. 

Instead of having to go through everything looking for my blogs. Everything that we recommend and use is now in one place.

WE WOULD NEVER recommend anything that we haven’t verified and anything that we don’t believe in.

We love being transparent and honest about everything, and anything that you find on this page has been personally used from us or has been verified as trustworthy and genuine.

In this page, you will find:

  • Save Money and Budgeting
  • How to Make Money
  • College Tips and Advice
  • Self-Development/Productivity

Save Money & Budgeting

Digit App: Tracks your spending and can determind how much money is available for savings. basically, it automatically takes a small amount of your money from your bank account depending on your spending habits and stores it into the app without you knowing it is saving it for you.

It’s all automated so don’t have to worry about anything and let digit save you your money.

Mint App: A savings app that allows people to manage and track their spending habits. You can see how much and what you are spending your money on.

Not only that, this app has the ability to remind you about upcoming bills that you need to pay.

Cool, right?