Make Money For Selling Your Notes (Full Guide 2020)

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make money selling your notes

No way. This isn’t real.

Oh, it’s real.

Many college students are actually making money through these websites every single quarter/semester.

You can make money for selling your notes starting today!

I mean it’s 2020, college is expensive, you go to class, you take incredible notes, and at the end of the quarter/semester, you throw away all that hard work.

Am I right?

Why not start making money for the time you’re already putting into writing outstanding notes and sell them to students – then put that money towards your college degree.

Not only are you doing yourself a favor, but you are also helping out other college students who can use your pristine notes to pass their classes and get good grades.

I was a college student not too long ago, and I could never manage to take accurate notes while listening to my professor.

I would almost always forget what they were saying because I was so busy taking notes word for word.

Even though I always sat in front of class, went to office hours, and studied 3x more than others, I still had a difficult time retaining information during lectures.

Luckily, a good buddy of mine understood my struggles and would happily share his notes with me.

So if you’re like me, or like my buddy who took good notes in college, pay close attention because we’re about to dive into a list of legit websites that pay you for your notes.

Let’s check out these cash making websites so you can make money for selling your notes.

1) Nexus

make money selling your notes

How it works: Start by signing up and uploading all of your notes (this usually takes 1-2 minutes).

Then NexusNotes will review your files and notify you once they have been approved. 

The actual grade you receive(d) in the class won’t matter.

They only care that you provide quality and concise notes. 

Every time one of your notes is downloaded by another student, you will receive a 50% commission. 

Do keep in mind: You can only sell YOUR notes, courses, guides and anything that you yourself have produced.

Otherwise you will not be accepted.

Nexus Notes also makes it very clear that they will not accept any essays, assignments, or exams. ONLY notes. 

Expected Pay: $35 per guide! Though you’ll actually pocket $17.50 since they take 50% commission.

They pay you at the beginning of each month, and the best part is you receive your money through PayPal.

What a great way to make money for selling your notes!

Just make sure you have the correct PayPal email listed in your profile.


make money selling your notes

How It Works: 

Stuvia offers college students the opportunity to sell their notes in exchange for some money. 

Simply make a profile to sign up, upload your notes, and wait for people to start purchasing them. 

The best part about is they support you with setting up and managing your account.

They also take care of the marketing for you! 

Any time a college student downloads your class notes, money will be sent straight to your bank account.

Oh yeah, you also get to set the price for each of your notes on your account.

It’s basically like having your own little store!

Sign up today and make money for selling your notes.

Expected Pay: Depends on the prices you set and how much people value your notes. 

3. StudySoup

make money selling your notes

How It Works: StudySoup is another peer to peer learning platform that has over 150,000 students already signed up.

StudySoup offers two types of note takers: Elite Notetaker and Regular Notetaker.

To become an Elite Notetaker, you’ll have to submit an application and make an appointment with one of the mentors to have them explain how the role works.

Expected Pay: According to their website, Elite Notetakers can make between $300-$500 for every course.

Payments are through PayPal or direct deposit.

Things to Know About Note-Taking

If you are still interested in selling your notes, then you are going to want to read these tips for effective note-taking.

After connecting with representatives of these companies, only two of them responded with what they expect out of your notes.

Here is what responded when I sent them an email asking them to give me some tips and advice for effective note taking and making the big bucks!

Hi Marcos,

Thanks for reaching out. We are very happy to hear that you would like to use our services. Anyone is welcome to upload any kind of notes on Stuvia. Everything is accepted. However, it is important to sell notes of good quality if you would like to make a lot of sales and have happy customers. Make sure that your notes are easy to understand for potential buyers (and not just yourself), there are no spelling errors and that they are up to date. It is also important to add a description to the notes where you tell people something about the content of the document, which university you go/went to, which year the notes are form and so on. 

I hope this helps but if you have any more questions, please let me know!

I hope the top email helps you out in deciding if you want to choose to make money for selling your notes. Next is a response from Nexus Notes:


Thank you for contacting us. Please read this blog post: These tips will help you. Also keep in mind that we will reject if;
  • Notes were an assignment, take-home exam, practical, other university-assessed piece of work and/or contains directly copied contents or other resources of university textbooks
  • Notes contain copyrighted resources
  • Notes were created using lecture slideshows
  • Notes were incomplete or too short for no good reason (shorter than 20-30 pages or the contents from just one week, a single lesson, a single chapter when you can combine other contents to a single set of notes)
  • Notes were not well-enough formatted
  • Notes contain handwritten contents (unless it’s a policy introduced by the university)
  • Not having good enough grades for this subject
  • Notes already exist on the site for sale by another user
  • Notes belong to someone else and the uploader doesn’t have the right to sell it
  • Notes contain obscene language, imagery and/or irrelevant contents
If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
Best regards,

How to Write Effective Notes to Sell

Add Visuals For Engagement

Research has shown that most people tend to learn and retain more information through visual displays.

You can add diagrams, pie charts, histograms, or infographics (as long as they’re relevant to the material).

Even something as simple as adding color to the bullet points and headings helps information stand out.

Highlight Keywords

I’m not saying you should highlight every word. But do highlight important key definitions that you know will be on the exam or important information viewers should focus on and understand.

Add Mnemonic Devices

This study method is used to help improve your ability to remember something.

You use the first letters of each word you want to remember and form it into a new word that is easy to remember. 

Here is an example:

For my psychology class, we had to learn “The Big Five personality traits” known as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, Agreeableness and neuroticism.

So I took the first letter of all five traits and turned it into a new word —> O.C.E.A.N.


Try thinking of good mnemonic devices that help you remember specific information and write them down in your notes.

Write the notes as if you are creating a roadmap

Most college students usually don’t care whether or not their class notes are neat or not.

As long as you can understand what you wrote then you’re all good, right? 

However, college students who want to buy your notes are not going to know exactly what you were thinking or wrote.

Write your notes neatly, be straight to the point, and ask someone else to review them so you can see if they understand your notes.

You may think your notes are great until someone else reads them and doesn’t have a clue what you are saying.

Using headers and sub-headers helps link ideas in each section and allows readers to see the relevance of each too.

Understand what the platforms are seeking.

Some of these peer-to-peer note lending platforms will actually tell you exactly how to write effective notes that will sell.

To find out those specific guidelines, simply go on their website, find their contact information, and send them an email or call.


As a friendly reminder, all these peer-to-peer note lending platforms ONLY accept notes and guides that you produced by yourself.

You can’t use a professor’s powerpoints, exams, assignments, or anything else that was created by them. 

And I probably don’t need to say this, but just in case: it is never okay to steal other people’s written work and put it up on these platforms as “your own” to sell.

Not only can it make these platforms look suspicious and give them bad reviews, but they will actually know if you are plagiarizing and can ban you from using their platform.

And then there goes your chance to make money for something you already do.

This is honestly an easy way to make extra money – so don’t ruin it for yourself and others.

So what else are you waiting for? 

Sign up for these platforms right now and make money for selling your notes and do it every semester until you graduate!

If I had known about these opportunities while going to college, it would have helped me pay more attention in class knowing I was going to be compensated for it.

I’m curious to know your thoughts on these peer-to-peer note lending platforms:

Are you interested in signing up to make money for selling your notes? Have you heard of or applied to these platforms already?

Please share your experiences and thoughts as it would benefit other college students interested in this opportunity.

See you in the comments section below.

Yours Truly,


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