36 Ways to Make Money If You Are Broke (Full Guide 2019)

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Did you know that approximately 59% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck?

I honestly did not know that.

I also recently came across an interesting survey conducted by the American Psychological Association where they investigated the correlation between money and health. 

They found that 64% of Americans reported that money is a strong source of their stress.

Here’s what these surveys found altogether:

To help prevent financial issues from affecting your lifestyle, I dedicated my time gathering the best resources to help you make money online.

Alright, lets find some legit ways to start making extra money every month!

I gotchu.

How to Make Money Fast

1. Sell Your Items

This is definitely the easiest way to make money if you are in need of cash.

You can sell anything ranging from books, movies, technology, furniture, sports equipment, tools, clothes, shoes and just about anything that you have laying around your living space.

You could host a yard/garage sale!

But if you’re thinking: “I don’t have a yard or garage” or “I don’t want to deal with a bunch of strangers at my place”, then download any of the following apps, make an account, and start making money off your items! (LetGo, OfferUp, Carousell, Poshmark)

2. Put Ads on Your Car

Did you know that you can turn your car into a mobile billboard?

There are companies out there who will pay you a monthly stipend if you put wrapped advertisements on your car.

You can make between $200-400 per month just by driving wherever you normally go.

So while you’re stuck in traffic during your daily commute, why not make some extra money?

If you want to know more about some legit car wrapping companies, check out my review on them here.

3. Uber or Lyft

Becoming an Uber and/or Lyft driver is another way to make money fast – on your own time.

Once you apply and pass their vehicle qualifications, all you have to do is turn on the app and wait for riders to connect with you!

4. Rent Out Your Car

If having a stranger drive your vehicle is a no-go for you, you might want to reconsider.

There are legit companies like Getaround that help you make $1000s simply by sharing and listing your car’s availability.

Nonetheless, you do not have to consider this option if you do not feel safe renting out your car. 

5. Rent Out Your Home

Home-owners are making thousands of dollars a night by renting out their living space to people on AirBnb while they are away.

This has become a popular platform where people book rooms/homes to stay in during their vacation.

But once again, if you are not comfortable with random people staying in your home, don’t sign up.

6. Start a Doggy Daycare

I know it sounds silly, but for some reason, dog walking is a quick way to make some quick cash.

Ask friends, neighbors, or family members if they know of people who are looking for someone to walk their dogs.

On apps like wagwalking and rover, you can get paid as low as $20 per walk.

If the dogs seem friendly, why not walk 3 or 4 of them at the same time? I’ll let you do the math 😉

7. Get Paid to Lose Weight 

Tired of going to the gym and losing motivation within minutes of working out?

What if I told you you could get paid to lose weight?

Oh yeah, I got you!

Check out Healthywage.com and the Achievement App to learn more!

8. Sell Your Hair

This option probably never crossed your mind, but you can make between $200-1000 selling your hair on places like World of Wigs, Online Hair Affair, HairSellon, and Buy and Sell Hair.

The longer and healthier the hair, the more you can earn. Blonde and red hair typically sell for more.

9. Become a Mystery Shopper

Do you love food?

I sure do. What about shopping?

Well, probably not the part where you actually spend money, right?

I just found out you can get paid to eat at your favorite restaurants and also for shopping at your favorite brands! For FREE.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to become a mystery shopper, sign up now and create an account with Market Force.

10. Sell Your Plasma 

If you haven’t heard this before, you’re probably wondering: what is plasma?

Plasma is the essential ingredient for products crucial to treating patients suffering from a host of life-threatening conditions and bleeding disorders (according to cslplasma.com).

New donors can earn up to $400 for their plasma.

CSL Plasma also has an iGive donor loyalty program that offers lots of rewards.

Make sure to check them out!

11. Food Delivery

This one is pretty simple.

You pick up someone’s order or groceries and deliver it to them.

You can deliver by car, bike, skateboard, scooter or on foot – just don’t drop or mess up their order.

Create an account with any of the following and get paid for your food delivery service: DoorDash, GrubHub, Seamless, Uber Eats, Postmates.

12. Car Wash

Sometimes people are too lazy to clean and wash their cars or too busy to spend time driving to the nearest car wash.

If you’re feeling up to it, take advantage of this opportunity and offer your neighbors, friends, or extended family to wash their cars in exchange for money.

You can charge $15-20 per car or more, depending on the type of job required. Just be sure you have the right cleaning supplies that won’t damage their vehicle’s interior or exterior.

13. Rent Out Your Parking Space

Renting out your driveway or land for parking can definitely make you money, especially if there are exciting events happening near you.

When I’ve gone to local fairs or concerts, I’ve seen people put up signs in front of their houses that say “Parking: $20”, and you’d be surprised how many people prefer to park in their lots than to pay $25-50 for parking at the official festival or concert grounds.

You can also use Spot, CurbFlip or AirGarage to have potential renters find your space ahead of time.

14. Rent Out Your Items

So you already know you can sell your items, but did you know you can also rent them out to people and still make money?

Think about it.

You probably have books, shoes, clothes, or electronics just sitting at home that you aren’t using on a day-to-day basis. Buro or Lendr are great places to get started.

15. Become a Personal Trainer

Okay, if you already go to the gym and are super fit, why not start training people who need motivation and guidance meeting their health/fitness goals?

I know some people who charge up to $40 per hour! If you’re interested, check out TrueCoach and MyPTHub for more info on how to get started.

16. Use the Ibotta App

Want to get paid to go grocery shopping?

Don’t we all!

The Ibotta app scans your receipts and gives you money back for items that you bought.

Sure, you might get 30-50 cents back for that canned soup you bought, but after many grocery store trips, it does add up. Get the app now!

17. Picture Punches

Okay, honestly, you might not make thousands of dollars off this.

But if you find yourself to be creative and funny, you can make money by creating/posting memes and just being yourself. 

18. Join TaskRabbit

If you find that you have extra time on your hands throughout the week, you should download TaskRabbit.

This app offers a variety of local jobs that include house cleaning, moving services, general handy-work and more.

Set your availability and start helping locals in your community with quick and easy tasks for quick and easy money.

19. Join Care.com

I know I have mentioned this one a couple times from my other posts.

However, this is a great website to make your own money whenever you want.

You can make money from tutoring, cleaning, pet care, child care and senior care, etc.

These are some cool ways to make some extra cash when you need it.

Now, lets look at some ways to make money online.

How To Make Money Online

1. Start a Niche Blog (like this one)

A blog is a website where you post useful and relatable content for your audience that allows you to connect with them and grow your business.

If you have a passion for writing and enjoy connecting with people, then blogging is right for you.

Did you know there are bloggers who are making up to $100,000 per month blogging?! 

To get started, I would recommend checking out Bluehost first. It’s only $2.95/monthly and with other services and tools I added, I only spend around $15 a month to get my blogging career going.

If you have any questions about blogging, I would be more than happy to answer them. Make sure to drop your questions in the comments section below!

2. Become a Freelancer

Do you have a talent for graphic design, social media marketing, writing, editing, web design, game design, video production, e-commerce, photography, or audio engineering?

Put your skills to good use and make extra money on your own time! On Upwork, you can create a profile and set your pay rate for any of these jobs.

Go check out all the jobs people are requesting – you’d be surprised just how easy some requests are that pay between $20-100. The only catch is Upwork charges the freelancer a 20% commission fee for the first $500 billed.

3. Start an E-commerce Store

Most e-commerce businesses buy cheap products from foreign countries and sell them at a higher price on their site to make a profit.

With e-commerce, you are your own boss, determine your salary, and keep making money while you sleep.

The first step is to create a website and establish your e-commerce business to attract customers.

is the most common website builder that allows users to design, develop, and market their products all around the world.

4. Become an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer is someone who connects a consumer with a product or service they may already be looking for.

Affiliate marketing is most commonly done through a website, but you don’t necessarily need one to make it happen.

If you have a large audience/followers through your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest), you can become an affiliate marketer/influencer.

Here’s an article if you are interested in learning more about affiliated marketing: 

Affiliate Marketing Without a Website.

5. Start an Online Coaching Service

Do you enjoy helping people accomplish their goals?

 If the answer is yes, then you should consider starting your own online coaching business.

You can teach people about money management, fitness, healthy diets, positive thinking, web development, relationships – the list goes on.

Coaching accountable is a great place to start because they have someone who can support you, they provide teaching modules, and they allow you to make your own brands and logos for your business.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with the right customers and start making money your way.

6. Create Services to Sell

Yes, you can make money by creating a service in your area of expertise and promoting it to people who are interested in your profession.

Some bloggers and social media influencers create online guides on how to increase Instagram followers, make money from Facebook, make money blogging and a variety of services that people are willing to pay for.

Check out Teachable if you want to learn more!

7. Launch a YouTube Channel

By now, you’ve seen and heard of several famous Youtubers who make thousands of dollars a month from making videos at home.

YouTube sensation Lilly Singh (iiSuperwomanii) started making videos at home in 2010.

Fast forward 10 years – her net worth is 16 million dollars, and she now has her own late night show!

Sure, it’s not easy, but it’s definitely possible to make revenue if you keep working at it and growing your network.

So why not try it out?

Start a YouTube channel, grow your audience, monetize your channel, and start making money in your sleep while others watch your videos.

Who knows – you just might become the next YouTube star!

8. Invest in Homes

A lot of people are intimidated by the responsibilities that come with investing into a home.

Nonetheless, you should still consider this as an option while you are young if you plan to own a home someday.

Start by doing some research, select the home you want to invest in, and connect with a realtor you trust.

Oh, and make sure you have a great credit score. If you’re not sure what yours is, make an account on CreditKarma and find out for free.

If you don’t want to pay it all on your own, you could have housemates and charge them rent (this helps you pay off the mortgage), and within a few years, that house is yours!

9. Start an Online Business: Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

As you may already know, Amazon is the largest online marketplace around. It’s also one of the best platforms for selling products and earning a full-time income.

There are people making over $100,000 through Amazon FBA.

The best part about having your online business through them is that they store your products in a warehouse, and when a consumer buys your product, Amazon does all the shipping and handling while providing customer support.

Make sure you check out Amazon FBA’s requirements, terms and conditions if this is something you’re considering.

10. Online Translator

If you can speak two or more languages and are comfortable translating for people, this is a perfect side-hustle for you!

Online companies like Appen and VerbalizeIt are always looking for translators who work-from-home.

Appen offers career advancement within their company and VerbalizeIt notifies you of new jobs available and pay occurs through PayPal.

There’s lots more companies out there willing to pay you for your skills and time, you just have to do a little searching and select the one that’s right for you.

11. Become a Tutor

Have you ever been told you are patient and good at explaining things?

You can easily become a tutor online and charge between $20-25 per hour, depending on your level of experience.

Top universities highly recommend websites like Tutors.com and Tutorme.com – they are always looking for people like you and are great places to start this side-hustle!

As an alternative option, you can also ask the career representative from your college about tutoring opportunities on campus.

12. Design and Sell Websites

If you enjoy designing and developing websites, selling them can be a great source of income for you.

There are millions of people who want to start their own online business, but they don’t know how to make websites.

You can connect with them and sell your website template(s) for up to $10,000 or more depending on its value.

Some platforms people have recommended for selling website templates are ThemeForest and eBay.

 13. Manage Social Media for Companies

If you enjoy being on social media and have been successful increasing your followers, becoming a social media manager for a company could be your next step to making money.

Since social media is a critical component in growing a business, you will definitely find jobs in this field.

You could work on social media marketing, write articles, become a copy-editor, etc.

There are a variety of positions companies need to fill to thrive.

Check out Fiverr, Indeed,or Glassdoor

14. Edit/Proofread Papers

Are you a fast and accurate writer?

If you have a keen eye for detail, you can proofread papers for companies or even other college students.

I actually pay Mayra to proofread/edit my content before I publish any blog post – this is critical as it helps reduce any grammatical or punctuation errors.

Get paid up to $25 per hour doing this – check out Upwork and create an account to get started!

15. Sell Your Classroom Notes

Do you consider yourself a good note taker? If you answered yes, start saving your notes and make money by selling them to people online! Create an account with Course Hero or Stuvia to find students who want to buy your notes, study guides, and other helpful course resources.

16. Teach English Online

If you speak English fluently, you can sit at home (in your pajamas) and teach it online to someone from Japan, Mexico, Korea, and other countries.

Get paid between $20-25 per hour! Keep in mind every online program has different requirements – some require a bachelor’s degree while others don’t.

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, make sure you check out TeachAway and QKids to get started and learn more!

17. Sell Your Own Book

You might not know this, but even Stephen King had one of his books rejected about 25 times before it was published.

Believe it or not, you don’t need to have a PhD or be an expert to write and publish your own book.

If you have a creative mind and find that people are interested in reading your writing, you can profit off of it.

Check out Blurb or Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) to see how you can get started!

I’m planning on writing my own book soon! I’ll write a blog about my experience for everyone to read.

Hopefully, before this year!


The list goes on.

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that you take advantage of these great ways to make money fast and online.

Whatever method you decide to use, just remember to read things carefully and always be wary of scam companies.

So, the next time you are stressed out about money, make sure you refer back to all the opportunities I listed in this post.

And please, be sure to share them with all colleagues, family and friends.

Which of these resources on how to make money surprised you the most? Do you have any other quick cash methods that I didn’t list on here?

Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

Yours Truly,


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