32 College Dorm Room Items To Make Your Life Easier

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If you’ve been searching for the best college dorm room items, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you’re about to go to college or are moving into a new dorm on campus, having an organized room not only makes your life easier in college, but it also makes your roommates happy too.

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Here is a list of several college dorm room items you’ll need to make your college experience easier. 

1. Mesh Shower Tote

I never used one of these, but Mayra said she found it very useful her freshman year in the dorms.

You can carry your shampoo, body wash, face wash, toe nail clippers, razors, lotion, conditioners, brush, phone and other items in the shower tote instead of carrying everything with you by hand.

2. Phone Wallet

As millennials, we are more likely to lose our car keys and wallet than our phone. Having a phone wallet allows you to carry your debit card, college ID, and drivers license in one convenient location so you don’t lose any of your items.

3. Sleeping Mask with Ear Muffs

When you are in college, you are going to have roommates who come home late from partying, stay up playing video games or watching Netflix, are on the phone talking to their lover, or worse, they have their lover over…. 

4. High Speed Portable Phone Charger

Throughout college, you will need to make sure that your phone is fully charged. You’ll need it for reminders, to-do-lists, checking your student portal, turning in assignments, and communicating with your peers.

5. Plastic Drawers Under Bed Storage

Instead of just sharing a small closet with your roommate, you can expand your options by organizing all your socks, gym clothes, and other items by keeping them in these plastic drawers under your bed.

6. Desk Organizer

This is a great way to save storage and keep your desk space nice and organized. You can store pencils, rulers, pens, scissors, staplers, paper clips, tape, sticky notes, and anything else you normally use.

7. Breakfast Essentials

Breakfast essentials are my favorite! This breakfast powder contains nutritional ingredients that your body needs everyday. Consider getting some healthy foods or liquids to store in your room. 

8. Laundry Backpack

This one’s a real lifesaver! You can stuff all your dirty clothes inside along with your laundry detergent and easily carry it like a backpack to the laundry room of your residence hall. Major props to whoever created this!

9. White Board and Expo Markers

I would definitely recommend getting a white board to have somewhere in your room. It’s great for writing down reminders about paying rent, bills, assignment deadlines, upcoming events, and even for studying for your exams.

10. Journal Book

I’m sure you already have a bunch of these, but having a personal thought journal next to your bed is comforting to write down things about your day. Sometimes, jotting down how you feel can be very comforting. 

11. Lock Box For Personal Storage

Look, I’m not saying your roommates are going to steal all your stuff, but you never know. If you have any important documents or money that you haven’t cashed in yet, this is a great place to store all your personal belongings and know it is safe when you leave for classes.

12. Small Fan

This is not a necessity, but it is convenient to have a small fan that you can put on your bed or desk in case you are feeling hot. Depending where your dorm is located, some areas get little to no ventilation, especially during the hottest of days.

13. Small Refrigerator

Believe it or not, one of the BIGGEST reasons college roommates end up fighting is because of the limited amount of space inside the fridge. Either that or someone eats your food without asking for permission. 

If you can afford to buy your own mini fridge, I would highly recommend you do it! 

14. Electric Kettle

An electric kettle is used to warm up water instantly – usually takes around 3-4 minutes. You can use it for cup noodles, coffee, and tea. Best part about it is if you accidentally forget to turn it off, it will automatically turn off on its own.


15. Bath Wrap

When you come out of the shower and are walking through your residence hall, not only are you carrying all of your stuff, but you are also making sure your towel isn’t about to fall off. 

Having a bath wrap will make it easier to carry all your stuff from the shower all the way back to your dorm.

16. Febreze

Febreze comes in clutch when your roommate hasn’t showered in a while, for stinky shoes, or even for laundry that’s been sitting there for a few weeks. It’ll buy you another 3 or 4 days from your roommate complaining that you need to wash your clothes. You never know when you’ll need it, but you’ll be glad you got it – especially if you ate some fiery tacos the night before.

17. Hydro Flasks

This is a great way to save the environment by reducing the amount of plastic water bottles you purchase. They are super convenient to have, you can refill them anywhere, and they keep your liquids cold. You can bring them with you anywhere.

18. Meal Storage Containers

Get yourself some storage containers. They come in clutch and can save you a lot of time from cooking and washing dishes everyday. Dedicate a day of the week to cook a bunch of food and meal prep about 7-10 containers for the week. Whenever you have class and haven’t had time to eat, just open up your mini fridge and take your prepped meals to go. 

Trust me. 

19. Pepper Spray

Look, I’ll be honest – just because you are going to college, it doesn’t mean you are going to be safe. I recommend you get some pepper spray as your weapon for the times that you have to walk alone. You can easily hook it to your keys.

20. Shoe Hanger

This is definitely a great way to tidy things up in your closet. Instead of having your shoes everywhere, you can neatly organize them in one place using this shoe hanger and have more room in your closet for other items. The best part is: they come in different colors, styles and sizes.

21. A Lap Desk for Bed

I’ve never used one myself, but I have friends who enjoy doing homework at home and easily bring out their bamboo desk to do homework in bed. If you study better at home or in your bed, then this is probably something you would like.

22. Buy a Cook Book

A lot of college students think eating cup noodles and cereal is a good way to save money. Or maybe they do that because they don’t know how to cook. Truth is: there are plenty of healthy ingredients you can find that are cheap and easy to make. Eating healthy foods is important for your physical, emotional, and mental health.

23. Posture Corrector

I’m actually planning to order this soon, and I’ll give you a full review of the product once I have been wearing it for a week or so. 

Using the Posture Corrector helps strengthen your neck and upper back to align it properly with your spine.  You only need to wear the Posture Corrector for 30-40 minutes everyday to help fix your posture.

24. Smart Backpack

This new smart backpack comes with a USB charging cable for your phone, has an anti-theft feature, a luggage strap, 3 main pockets and 6 other pockets to store your keys, wallet, books, and hydro flask. There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like it and a 12-month warranty on the backpack.

That’s actually pretty convenient. If I didn’t have a backpack already, I would invest in this one.

25. Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress

Unfortunately, colleges and universities do not provide the comfy mattress that you see on commercials. What’s more, research shows that you spend half of your life sleeping on a bed. Having a comfy mattress to get great sleep for the next 4 years of your college life is definitely something to invest in.

26. Brita Pitcher

Do you ever wake up at night feeling thirsty? Instead of walking to the nearest fountain in the middle of the night to refill your water bottle, having a water keurig nearby is more convenient for times like this.


27. Outlet Surge Protector

Dorm rooms have limited space and outlets. So why not invest in a outlet surge protector with more than one outlet? You can use it to charge your phone, laptop, or connect your WiFi router box and TV. 

28. Hot Water Resistant Gloves

If you aren’t washing your dishes with hot water, you are not cleaning your dishes right. Hot water helps kill the bacteria and easily dissolves food that is stuck to the silverware. Since I don’t have a dishwasher, I always use hot water resistant gloves to wash my dishes and make sure they are clean. Who knows – you might be using dishes that your roommates didn’t properly clean.

29. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

A sandwich maker is definitely worth investing in. It’s a quick way to fix up a melted ham and cheese sandwich when you are running late to class or a meeting. Wow, just typing that made my mouth water.

30. Bedside Caddy

A bedside caddy usually hangs off the side of your bed and can hold your phone, book, journal, glasses, papers – just about anything you need. This is useful if you don’t have a night stand or table next to you.

31. Personal Coffee Maker

I don’t know about you, but I need coffee in the morning. Having your own personal coffee maker makes it easier to grab a cup and go. The best part about this little guy is no paper filters are required.

32. Shower Sandals

If you are living in the dorms or plan to, you need to invest in some shower sandals. Since students share the same showers, you are basically exposing your feet to everyone else’s germs. It’s best to have your shower sandals and prevent yourself from catching anything and getting things like athlete’s foot. 


Sometimes it can be overwhelming scavenging the entire internet looking for the right college dorm room items that are necessary to have.

However, every college students experience is different and you’ll often realize throughout your college journey what you do or don´t need in your dorm.

But hopefully you found some awesome college dorm room items that you can use for college and make your life easier.

Are there any other college dorm room items that I should add? What are some other items that you have used for college? 

If you have any questions or comments, make sure to leave some in the comments section below!

Yours Truly,